Pros and Cons of Protein Bars

Pros and Cons of Protein Bars

Going to the office, running personal errands, going out to socialise with friends – it seems that since we are living in a world where everyone appears to have a busy life, it’s hard to incorporate other important activities we need to stay fit.

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There at times that even choosing a healthy meal could be a challenge for some people with hectic schedules. Sometimes, because of lack of time, it’s almost inevitable for some to settle for burgers, fries, and other food from fast food chains.

Fortunately, protein bars were introduced to help people with busy schedules have a nutrition-filled meal replacement on the go.

Protein bars, also known as nutrition bars, have a bunch of advantages to offer. Most protein bars generally contain protein, fats, carbohydrates, and a number of vitamins that are readily available to anyone too busy to get a decent meal.

Aside from being a nutritious alternative to complete meals, protein bars can be excellent in giving you energy quickly after working out.

Protein bars don’t require refrigeration, and you can take them with you virtually anywhere you need to go.

However, while it is tempting to simply grab protein bars as a replacement for each meal because of its convenience, there are still cons to having these nutrition bars.

Some protein bars contain a lot of sugar to achieve their sweet and delicious taste. On the other hand, there are protein bars that use sugar alcohol instead of artificial sweeteners to give protein bars a tasty flavour without the high sugar content; but, there are people who have reportedly suffered from different stomach problems such as diarrhoea because of sugar alcohol.

Another disadvantage of eating protein bars is the fact that these bars can’t really be considered as fresh. Protein bars may contain preservatives, too.

There are protein bars with energy boosting properties that might be potentially harmful to people with heart problems.

Excessive intake of protein bars can also lead to too much vitamins that might result in liver problems, upset stomach, and other adverse effects.

All in all, it may be acceptable to have protein bars once in a while, but nothing could beat complete, healthy, and balanced meals to satisfy your hunger as well as your dietary needs.